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  Steel Pressurized Water System Tanks. Pressure tank for well water

 PRO-SOURCE Pressure Tanks have been discontinued. Check oir Mailine Tanks

The Pro-Source Series pressure tank made by STA-RITE Industries are one of the most high quality well water pressure tank available. These pressure tanks have a new tested-tough composite base. This new composite base offers superior corrosion resistance over conventional steel base configures pressure tanks. This base will never rust! The heavy-duty 'tested-tough' composite bases are made of high impact material for drop, dent and scratch resistance. The 16" and 20" tank base is made of Hi-impact Polypropylene and the 24" tank base is made of Hi-Impact ABS. The new composite base is also equipped with mounting holes for installations that requires anchoring the tank. 
Product Specifications:

Applications: Use whenever pressurized tanks are needed in water system applications.


  • Shell: Heavy gauge steel
  • Base: Heavy gauge steel with protective vinyl edging.
  • Finish: Electrostatically applied, baked-on polyester paint.
  • Water Cell: One piece seamless PVC, made FDA listed material.
  • Flange: Reinforced polypropylene
  • Service Connection: Reinforced polypropylene integral to flange
  • Air Valve: Rubber stem/brass body Schrader valve assembly
  • UV Valve Cover: High Density polyethylene.


  • Heavy Gauge Metal Construction - Sturdy "welded wrapper and head design". Build to last.
  • Polyester Paint Finish - Electrostatically powder painted, then oven baked for a smooth high gloss, appliance-quality finish. Resists corrosion.
  • New Composite Sealing Flange - Corrosion resistant
  • Integral Stand Pipe - Keeps the water cells standing erect, promoting complete flushing of the water entering/exiting  the tank.
  • Nitrogen-Rich Precharge - Decreases air permeation three to four times over straight air precharge.
  • 40 PSI Precharge - Ready for use with 40/60 pressure range systems. Enables installer to reduce pressure depending on pressure switch setting.
  • Five Year Warranty - Managed and provided by Sta-Industries, Inc, The only US pump manufacturer to design and manufacture pumps and tanks! 
  • New Elongated, Seamless Water Cell
  •    Controlled 2 dimensional call expansion. 
       Rugged, seamless "water cell" prevent the most common cause of pump failure - water clogging. 
       Water never touches the steel tank
Specification Sheet

Available Models and Description 




Equivalent Tank Size

Reflect equivalent size of the tank without bladder

Max Storage  Capacity 

The left out volume is air

DIA X HGT  Draw down (Gallons) Connection size Female Regular Price Our Sale Price
20-40 30-50 40-60

42 gal

19 gal 20" X 21" 6.9 5.8 5.0 1" NPT  $ 293.00  $ 248.00

42 gal

19 gal 16" X 27.5" 6.9 5.8 5.0 1" NPT  $ 293.00 $ 248.00

75 gal

32 gal 16" X 43" 11.6 9.8 8.5 1" NPT  $ 584.00 $ 386.00

82 gal

35 gal 20" X 33" 12.7 10.7 9.3 1" NPT  $ 594.00 $ 390.00

120 gal

50 gal 24" X 32.5" 18.3 15.5 13.4 1-1/4" NPT  $ 799.00 $ 690.00

220 gal

85 gal 24" X 51" 30 26 22 1-1/4" NPT  $ 971.00 $ 883.00
PS119-TR50          320 gal 119 gal 24" X 68" 41.3 35.4 31 1-1/4" NPT  $1360.00  $ 1189.00
Maximum Operating Pressure = 100 PSI           Maximum Liquid Temperature: 120F (49C)      Maximum External (Ambient) Temperature: 125F (52C)
How to Choose your Steel Pressurized Water System Tank

Pro Source Tank Sizing Rule: Size tank for one gallon of draw down for each gallon per minutes of pump capacity.

Example: For a 1 HP 20 GPM unit pumping 25 gallons per minute on a 30-50 pressure switch setting, the properly sized Pro-Source tank is a SR85-T52 which has a 26 gallon draw down.

Tank Selection Chart
Pump GPM

System Pressure Switch Setting - PSI






Run Times

  1 Minute 2 Minute 1 Minute 2 Minute 1 Minute 2 Minute
5 SP14 SP32 SP10 SP35 SP19 SP35
7.5 SP32 SP35 SP32 SP50 SP62 SP62
10 SP32 SP62 SP35 SP62 SP35 SP62
12.5 SP35 SP62 SP50 SP85 SP50 SP85
15 SP50 SP85 SP50 SP50(2) SP62 SP62(2)
20 SP62 SP62(2) SP62 SP62(2) SP62 SP62(2)
30 SP62 SP85(2) SP50(2) SP85(2) SP62(2) SP85(3)
50 SP85+SP85 SP85(3) SP85(2) SP85(4) SP85(2) SP85(5)
To order , select the model of your choice and click on the ADD to CART Button.

Quantity                          Model                  

Note: PS19S-T02 does not have the bracket welded into the tank anymore, you will need to get a separate bracket PKG-198. 

Pro-Source Plus Pressurized Steel Water Tanks.
Pro-Source Plus Premium Pressure tanks

Stainless Steel Service Connection

Metal Air Valve Assembly

 125 PSI Maximum operating pressure in tanks 50 gallons and greater. 

See Details 

FIBREWOUND Pro- Source Composite Pressurized Water Tanks.


See Details 

FIBREWOUND Pressurized Water Tanks.
Flex Lite Fibrewound pressure tanks

The Flex-Lite FL composite tank uses the latest evolution of the field proven controlled action diaphragm design.

Available  from 22 to 119 gallon maximum capacity

See Details 



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