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Water Flow Switch


 Grid Controls - Water flow switch

Grid Controls - Water Flow Switch

Available in two models this single IN/OUT Flow switch is used for water treatment application where chemical injection pumps needs to function according with water flow rather than well pump cycle.

Product Specifications:

  • Low Flow Operation
  • 1/2" Electrical Conduit Connection
  • Standard 1" PVC Slip Fittings
  • Line Pressure to 60 PSI
  • Temperature to 110F Continuous
  • Wetted Surfaces - PVC, Polypropylene, Buna N, Stainless Steel.
Available Models

Model M210: 10 Amp, Set point in a 1.0 GPM and Up.

Our Price: $140.00


Model M225: 25 Amp , set point on 1.0 GPM and up. Will Switch Motors up to 1 HP, 125 VAC  and 2 HP, 250 VAC.

Our Price: $160.00



Shuttle Type - Water flow switch


FS-400P Series: Model # 127050

4 Outlet Water Flow Switch: Two "Switched" energized by the flow switch and two "Constants" with 115 VAC at all times.

Easy to clean: It is not necessary to remove the unit from the piping system

System's specifications.

  • PVC Housing, Shuttle and Bonnet.
  • Buna N O rings.
  • Operating Pressure (Max): 150 PSI @ 70 to 100 F. 50 PSI @ 101 to 140 F.
  • Mounting Position: Vertical Lead Wires up.
  • Set Point Differential: 10 % Maximum.
  • Switch, See Switch Ratings: SPST, 20 VA 
  • Wire Leads: No. 22 AWG, PVC, 24"L
  • Port Size: 3/4 IPS
  • Actuation on Increase Flow: 0.5 GMP +- 20 %

Switch Ratings - Max. Resistive Load

VA Volts Amps AC Amps DC
  0-30 .4 .3
20 120 .17 .13
  240 .08 .06
Our Price: $ 225.00












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