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Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems - Browse our Catalog

The Reverse Osmosis Process is the removal of up to 99.9% of undesirable water contaminants by forcing untreated water through a semi-permeable membrane. Pressure forces the water to flow in the reverse direction to the direction of flow in natural osmosis.


Reverse Osmosis Types.

Manufacturers offer cellulose tri-acetate (CTA) systems in capacities varying from 6 to 20 gallons per day (GPD) which is a perfect solution when the temperature and the pressure are sufficient to keep the tank full. The CTA Reverse Osmosis System is the typical solution for city water problems.

The High capacity Reverse Osmosis Systems offer by the manufactures is the Thin-Film composite (TFC) systems. This is the perfect solution when the water is very cold, has a high total dissolved solids (TDS) reading or if the water pressure is low. The TFC Reverse Osmosis System is the typical solution for well water systems. 


Reverse Osmosis Stages.

The Reverse Osmosis system comes in either stages 3, 4, or 5 - the number varying with the type of Reverse Osmosis unit.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Stage 3

Reverse Osmosis Stage 1 - untreated water passes through a micro pre-filter which removes dirt, dust and sediment. This stage starts the water cleaning process and also protects the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

Reverse Osmosis Stage 2& 3 - the water passes through a thin film reverse osmosis membrane. This stage reduces harmful metals and salts including sodium, hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) and lead.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Stage 4

Reverse Osmosis Stage 4 - the water comes off the Reverse Osmosis membrane, passes through an extended contact carbon filter and then into an under-the-counter pressurized storage tank.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Stage 5

Stage 5 - when your water faucet is turned on the water in the storage tank is drawn through a granular activated carbon post-filter to polish the water and improve taste.


The ultimate water filtration is obtain when the reverse osmosis filtration is combined with ultraviolet disinfections which eliminate microorganism that may cause waterborne diseases. The ultraviolet light is added as another stage in the filtration process.

Ultraviolet Disinfections Water Systems - More Info  

Nominal Rejection Rates for typical Reverse Osmosis Units

Aluminum 96-98 Hardness 90-95
Arsenic 94-96 Iron 97-98
Bacteria 99+ Lead 96-98
Barium 96-98 Magnesium 95-98
Cadmium 95-97 Manganese 94-96
Calcium 94-97 Mercury 95-97
Chlorine 90-95 Nitrate 92-95
Chloride 90-95 Phosphate 97-98
Copper 96-98 Silver 95-97
Cyanide 90-95 Sodium 94-98
Fluoride 93-95 Zinc 96-98



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