Free Water Analysis. How it works?


If you have questions about the quality of your water, we invite you to fill out the registration form to receive a water analysis at not cost to you. Please print the following form and provide us with a  water sample by collecting water from your household main water supply. Please provide at least 12 ounces in a leak-proof bottle and mail it to: A Division of Advanced Solutions, LLC  

ATTN: Test Department

1605 S Mulrennan Rd

Valrico FL, 33594

Mailing or shipping charges are the responsibility of the sending party.

This water test is with the sole purpose of making a recommendation for the application of our products and to help you identify which of our systems is the best solution to your water problems.


Free Water Analysis Registration Form





Water source:  

People in Household

Adults                 Children 

If you have a well, please indicate type of well 

If you have well water, please indicate if you chlorinate your well   

If you have  well, please indicate water flow rate in GPM 

If you have a well, please indicate type of well pump

Please indicate to the best of your knowledge what your primary concerns are:

Taste and Odor            Turbidity             Chlorine          Hardness (Scale Build up)        Iron (reddish-brown stains)

Sulfur (rotten egg odor)       Low Ph (green/blue stains)       Manganese (Blank stains)  

Please indicate which of our systems are you interested in:  


Please indicate if you currently have any water treatment system.   

Drinking Water Systems     Reverse Osmosis          Under-sink Water Filter        Counter Top      Ultraviolet Drinking Water system

Whole House Filter            Softener      Ultraviolet Disinfections      Carbon Filter      Iron Filter      Neutralizer    Multi-media

Others, Please explain




















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